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Building strong relationships is the cornerstone of our success. At 12bet官方, we place particular value in our supplier partnerships. Thanks to the help of a diverse range of suppliers and advisors, we are able to serve our clients, 股东, communities and employees more efficiently. 


12bet官方 Gold Supplier status is the firm's top designation for preferred suppliers. 供应商 may achieve Gold status by distinguishing themselves through excellent performance, 完整性, and partnership with 12bet官方 to serve the needs of our clients, 股东 and employees.

The Gold Supplier Program is a community encompassing suppliers large and small, public and private, diverse-owned businesses, and product categories of all types. The program is designed to create strategic alignment and value by helping suppliers understand how to become more successful with 12bet官方, and helping the firm to become the preferred customer in its supply markets.



推进 Supplier 多样性

12bet官方 is mobilizing 金牌供应商 to increase their spending with underrepresented businesses and grow their supplier diversity programs.  

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"Innovative supplier engagement is the hallmark of the Gold Supplier Program. Through it we hope to create shared, incremental value with our suppliers above and beyond the traditional supply chain goals of best price and best service. We partner with our 金牌供应商 in new ways with the goal of allowing suppliers to better reach their full potential with us, and helping 12bet官方 to become one of their best clients."



金牌供应商 are prioritized and recognized within 12bet官方. 金牌供应商 may receive:

  • Facilitated opportunities for growth and category expansion, as appropriate;
  • Enhanced insight to 12bet官方’s strategic agenda;
  • Dedicated communication and feedback channels, and dedicated point of contact;
  • Simplified contracting, onboarding, and third party oversight processes;
  • Focus on reducing the administrative cost of doing business with 12bet官方;
  • Faster invoice payment; or
  • Special invitation to Gold Supplier events and networking.


"The Gold Supplier Program targets important partners who demonstrate an intention to elevate and invest in their relationship with 12bet官方. It aims to define the way we do business together by setting clear expectations and clear opportunities that help to improve your competitive posture and working experience with us, and ultimately your level of success with the firm."


Becoming a Gold Supplier is a milestone accomplishment in your relationship with 12bet官方. The program is by invitation - you must be nominated by your Category Sourcing and Line of Business partner. Exemplary performance and partnership are critical to being nominated. 金牌供应商 also agree to a series of program requirements and ongoing compliance. For more information, please click 在这里